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Our Christian funeral service package starts from $3,888 for 3 days (Basic Funeral Package) to $18,888 for 5 days (VIP Funeral Package). This Christian funeral package covers all essential services including a embalming handling and encoffin service (Comfort C-Class Casket/6-Sided Casket/Grand Deluxe Casket), preparation of memorial ceremony, coordination of Christian funeral service and ceremony, full funeral procession service, and after-care service.

To help you understand our affordable Christian Funeral Packages easily, please kindly refer to the full breakdown of all the funeral services and items included in our packages. If you need any clarifications, please feel free to contact us anytime via our 24-hour funeral service hotline at +65 8823 7979.

$18,888 (Void Deck Funeral Package) / $17,888 (Funeral Parlour Package)

Embalming Handling & Encoffin for Christian Funeral Services

  • Collection of Deceased
  • Professional Embalming & Make Up
  • Cremation Fees & Ashes Collection Services (Only applicable for Mandai Crematorium)
  • Grand Deluxe Casket

Preparation of Memorial Ceremony for Christian Funeral Services

Wake (Void Deck Enclosure)

  • Full White Drapery
  • Curtains & Carpets
  • Round Tables x 15 units
  • Square Tables x 20 units
  • Chairs x 150 units
  • Tablecloths & Seat Covers
  • Fans
  • General Lighting

Air Coolers x 2 Units

Information Signage

Floral Arrangement

  • Floral Photo Wreath
  • Altar Table Arrangements
  • Casket Surround Flowers
  • Reception Table Arrangements
  • Small Table Arrangements
  • Roses for Funeral Send Off

Photo Enlargements

  • Large Photo with 10” X 12” Wooden Frame
  • 6 Passport Size Photos

Dignified Altar Set Up

Sound System & Electronic Keyboard

Memorial Table with TV Collage

Condolence Donation Book & Safe Box

Coordination of Christian Funeral Services & Ceremony

Guest Book

Polo Tee Mourning Garments S/M/L 18 pcs each

Professional Service Team with Eulogy

Mobile Toilet x 1 Unit

Chiller x 1 Unit

Drinks & Snacks

  • 15 Cartons of Bottled Drinking Water
  • 15 Cartons of Packet Drinks
  • Snacks & Accessories
  • Coffee Machine with 6 Flavours

Buffet Style Catering for 150 Pax

Night Service Attendant - Every Night

Christian Funeral Procession Service

Premium Hearse x 1 Trip

Air-Conditioned Bus, 40pax per Bus x 2 Units

After Care for Christian Funeral Services

Flower Water

Premium Memorial Photo Album

Memorial Video

Optional Items for Christian Funeral Services

Additional Day of Wake - $800

About Christian Funeral

Christianity places utmost importance on the afterlife and achieving eternal peace in Heaven. Death is when someone rests and enters Eternal Life to reunite spiritually in God’s Kingdom with a new flawless body.

Preparation of the body for Christian Funeral

Once transferred to the funeral parlour, the funeral team will prepare the deceased for their burial or cremation by cleaning and clothing the deceased’s body before placing the departed into a casket to be displayed for the funeral. The deceased’s hands will usually be crossed over their chest and a Bible may be placed in their hands.

A Christian Wake with a Backdrop during funeral services

Common funeral rites and traditions for a Christian funeral

The pastor usually starts the funeral with a short prayer for the departed before giving a sermon to remind the bereaved family, guests, and church members of Christianity’s perspective of death and the afterlife, usually including the concept of Christ gaining victory over Death.

Family members and close friends are also encouraged to deliver a eulogy prior to the burial/cremation to share their memories and a testimony of a life well-lived by the departed, as well as his/her intimate connection with God. Memorial services are usually conducted by the pastor, together with relatives, close friends, and church members at the funeral wake. Prayers and hymns are customarily read and sung respectively throughout the funeral service to bring comfort and hope to the bereaved family.

Christian Funeral Service by Elite Funeral Services Pte Ltd

Prior to the burial/cremation, family members are given private time to pay their final tribute to the deceased and to place flowers into the casket.

Once everybody has given the deceased their respects, the pastor will conclude the service with some closing words and lead the funeral procession with everyone following the hearse to the cemetery, where the pastor concludes with the Rite of Committal for the soul of the departed and praises for Jesus before the casket is lowered into the grave.

Typically families of the Christian faith prefer burial over cremation because this interferes with the beliefs of the afterlife and resurrection. However, if the family members prefer to cremate rather than bury the deceased, we can help make the arrangements for the collection of ashes. The ashes would then be placed at either a public or private columbarium or be scattered into the open sea, depending on the departed/family’s preference.

Common etiquettes at a Christian Funeral

Black attire or dull colours are often worn at a Christian funeral. Fellow guests can opt to give flowers, money, or a sympathy gift as consolation for the bereaved family. At the reception table, there will be a Condolence Book where fellow guests can pen down some prayers and bible verses to comfort the bereaved family. There is no expectation to bring anything to a funeral, most guests would bring flowers or a donation for the grieving family as a kind gesture.

Regardless of your denomination, if you need to engage Christian funeral services and a Christian funeral package in Singapore with affordable and transparent pricing for your loved one, whether it’s to be held at your HDB void deck or a funeral parlour, you can contact us for more info (call our experienced funeral director or funeral consultants anytime at our 24-hour hotline +65 8823 7979) on the necessary preparations for all the funeral arrangements and logistics with empathy and professionalism to ensure that the deceased can have a dignified send-off.

Christian Funeral Service in Singapore by Elite Funeral Services Pte Ltd