Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Services in Singapore

A: Call us at 8823 7979 (24-hour hotline) to confirm the location of the funeral wake or to reserve a funeral parlour.

Obtain a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) issued by a doctor or Forensic Death Investigator from the Ministry of Health.

With the CCOD, you can then register the death at the hospital or police station with your NRIC or passport and the deceased’s NRIC or passport within 24 hours of the death and inform the place of burial or cremation.

Upon registration of the death, the CCOD will be retained by the death registration centre and a Death Certificate will be issued so you can place an obituary and make arrangements for cremation or burial. Please prepare a set of clothes and a photograph for enlargement for the funeral.

Call and inform us at 8823 7979 (24-hour hotline) and we will come and collect your loved one.
Our funeral advisor will guide you step by step on the full funeral service arrangements.

A: Here are a few key things to take note of:


You need to decide on the duration and the location of the funeral wake, whether it’ll be at the void deck, parlour, or in a home.

Nowadays, the usual duration for funerals ranges from 3 to 5 days. In the case where the funeral extends more than 7 days, prior written permission must be obtained from the National Environment Agency (NEA).

For a funeral held at a void deck, a permit from the Town Council is required. If the funeral wake is held in a landed property and part of the road is needed, a permit from the Traffic Police is required. At Elite Funeral Services, we help all our customers to handle this administration work.

Feel free to call us at our 24-hour hotline 8823 7979 for more info.


At Elite Funeral Services, we also help you with the booking of a slot for cremation or burial.

The documents required for this burial/cremation booking are the NRIC of the applicant and next-of-kin, and the original Death Certificate, which contains the Permit to Bury/Cremate.

If you have any questions or concerns about the burial or cremation process, please feel free to contact us anytime at our 24-hour hotline at 8823 7979.


The ashes of the deceased can be stored at home or in a columbarium (government-managed or private) after the cremation process. Your NRIC and the original Death Certificate is required to book a niche.

Ashes of the deceased may also be scattered daily from 7am to 7pm at sea at a site located about 2.8 km south of Pulau Semakau designated by Maritime Port Authority. Please contact the MPA’s Port Marine Safety Control Centre for more info at 6325 2488.

Some families prefer inland ash scattering at Garden of Peace, the designated garden located at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery. For booking and more details on the documents required for inland ash scattering, please refer to this page.


In view of the current COVID-19 situation, safe management measures are put in place at funerals and funeral wakes. Please refer to this page for more info on funeral arrangements under the current COVID-19 situation.

A: There are 3 crematoriums in Singapore:

  1. Mandai Crematorium at 300 Mandai Road which accepts cremation for all religions
  2. Bright Hill Temple at 88 Bright Hill Road which accepts cremation for Buddhists and Taoists
  3. Tse Tho Aum Crematorium at 601 Sin Ming Drive which accepts cremation for Buddhists and Taoists

At Elite Funeral Services, our funeral packages include the cremation fees and ashes collection for Mandai Crematorium. See all our funeral packages here or call us anytime via our 24-hour hotline 8823 7979.

A: It is a common misconception that the embalming process involves removing the internal organs from the deceased’s body. Embalming is usually done by draining blood out from the arteries of the deceased and replacing them with preservatives fluids (formaldehyde-based chemical solutions) while keeping the internal organs intact.

However, for autopsy cases to determine the cause of death where the body has to be dissected, the organs would be removed and placed in the preservatives fluid before being placed back into the deceased’s body.

A: It is not mandated by law for bodies to be embalmed for a funeral wake. If you are arranging a funeral for viewing or an open casket (or if the body is to be transported across borders or long distances), embalming is necessary to preserve the body of the deceased. If you prefer to skip the embalming, the body of the deceased can be placed in a coffin without a viewing panel and sealed hermetically for up to 7 days before burial or cremation.

Embalming is a professional procedure carried out to delay the decomposition of the body. The bodily fluids are removed and then replaced with formaldehyde-based chemical solutions that will delay the decomposition of the body.

At Elite Funeral Services, we provide professional embalming and makeup services for all our customers. If necessary, our professional embalmers can also help put the dentures back in the mouth of the deceased. Please note that embalming may not be allowed if the deceased passed away due to certain infectious diseases. Feel free to contact us anytime for more info at our 24-hour hotline 8823 7979.

A: The types of services and products covered in a funeral package varies according to the preferences, customs, and religious beliefs of the family. For more info on funeral packages for respective religions, please refer to our funeral packages here or call us at our 24-hour hotline 8823 7979.

At Elite Funeral Services, we also provide very affordable funeral parlour packages (starting from just $3,888) for families who prefer a more private and more comfortable ambience for the funeral.

These funeral parlours are conducive funeral spaces with air-conditioned seating areas, high-speed WiFi, and private washrooms for the comfort of the bereaved family and their guests.

Here are the available funeral parlours:

  • Sin Ming Funeral Parlour
  • Geylang Bahru Parlour
  • Teochew Parlour @ Ubi
  • Tampines Funeral Parlour
  • Church Funeral Parlour

Please see this page for more details on funeral parlours and this page for our funeral parlour packages.

At Elite Funeral Services, we provide the service of engaging established Buddhist Monks, Taoist Priests, Christian Pastors, and Catholic Funeral Ministers for our customers. So you can leave it to us to arrange a suitable religious leader for the required rites if you do not have the time to find one.

For more details, feel free to call us anytime via our 24-hour hotline 8823 7979 

One of the most important things you can do for the grieving family is simply be there for them. Listen to them, give them your undivided attention and don’t try to force them to “get over it” as fast as they can. Give them time and space to grieve in their own way and at their own pace. You can comfort the grieving family with words such as “He/She is in a better place now.”

When you are going to a Taoist funeral, you should wear dark colors. Black, gray, brown or navy blue are the most common colors you will see. You should avoid wearing bright colors as they can agitate the spirits of the dead.

White is the traditional colour for mourners at a Buddhist funeral. It is disrespectful to the deceased to wear brightly coloured clothing to a Buddhist funeral. Wearing bright, fanciful colours is seen as distracting the mourners from their grief.