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Our Taoist funeral package starts from $6,888 for 3 days (Basic Funeral Package) to $31,888 for 5 days (VIP Funeral Package). This Taoist funeral package covers all essential services including embalming handling and encoffin service (Comfort C-Class Casket/Lotus Casket), preparation of memorial ceremony, coordination of Taoist funeral service and ceremony, full funeral procession service, and after-care service.

To help you understand our affordable Taoist Funeral Packages easily, please kindly refer to the full breakdown of all the funeral services and items included in our packages. If you need any clarifications, please feel free to contact us anytime via our 24-hour funeral service hotline at +65 8823 7979.

$31,888 (Void Deck Funeral Package) / $30,888 (Funeral Parlour Package)


Embalming Handling & Encoffin for Taoist Funeral Services

  • Collection of Deceased
  • Professional Embalming & Make Up
  • Cremation Fees & Ashes Collection Services (Only applicable for Mandai Crematorium)
  • Longevity Robe/Suit
  • Lotus Casket

Preparation of Memorial Ceremony for Taoist Funeral Services

Wake (Void Deck Enclosure)

  • Full White Drapery
  • Curtains & Carpets
  • Round Tables x 15 units
  • Square Tables x 20 units
  • Chairs x 150 units
  • Fans
  • Tablecloths & Seat Covers
  • General Lighting

Air Coolers x 2 Units

Information Signage

Floral Arrangement

  • Floral Photo Wreath
  • Altar Table Arrangements
  • Reception Table Arrangements
  • Small Table Arrangements
  • Casket Spray
  • Casket Surround Flowers
  • Roses for Funeral Send Off

Photo Enlargements

  • 1 Large Photo with 10" X 12” Wooden Frame
  • 6 Passport size photos

Dignified Taoist Altar Set Up

Heaven & Earth Blanket

Memorial Table with TV Collage

Condolence Donation Book & Safe Box

Coordination of Taoist Funeral Services & Ceremony

Guest Book

Polo Tee Mourning Garments S/M/L 18 pcs each

Professional Service Team with Eulogy

Taoist Prayer Service (1-3-1) (Encoffinment  - Final Night  -  Funeral)

Offering to the Deceased (Encoffinment  - Final Night - Funeral)

Offerings Items

  • 8Ft Paper House x 1 unit
  • Pre-folded Joss Paper x 20 units
  • 8Ft Burning Tray x 1 unit

Lantern & Lantern Bearer x 1 Pair

Mobile Toilet x 2 Units

Drinks & Snacks

  • 20 Cartons of Bottled Drinking Water
  • 20 Cartons of Packet Drinks
  • Snacks & Accessories
  • Coffee Machine with 6 Flavours

Chiller x 1 Unit

Gourmet Buffet Style Catering for 150 Pax

Night Service Attendant for Every Night

Taoist Funeral Procession Service

  • Live Band
  • Premium Hearse x 1 Trip
  • Air-Conditioned Bus, 40pax per bus x 2 Units
  • Orange Souvenirs for Guests x 25 Units
  • Towel Souvenirs for Guests x 50 Units

After Care for Taoist Funeral Services

  • Flower Water
  • Premium Memorial Photo Album
  • Memorial Tribute Video

Optional Items for Taoist Funeral Services

Additional Day of Wake - $800

About Taoist Funeral

Taoism places great value in life, and on health and longevity by living a simple life and having inner peace. In Taoism, death itself is commonly known as the “release from the corpse”, followed by what we describe as ascension to immortality or heaven. Taoist funeral services in Singapore vary according to the different dialect groups (Hokkien, Teochew, Hainanese, Hakka) of the deceased, because of the different funeral traditions and rites, though there are rituals that most Taoists share.

If you need to engage Taoist funeral services with affordable and transparent pricing for your loved one, whether it’s to be held at your HDB void deck or a funeral parlour, you can contact us for more info (call our experienced funeral director or funeral consultants anytime at our 24-hour hotline +65 8823 7979) on the necessary preparations for the whole process and logistics to ensure that the deceased can have a dignified send-off.

Taoist Funeral Wake during funeral services

Preparation Of the body for Taoist funeral

Once the deceased is transferred to the funeral parlour, our funeral team will prepare the deceased for their burial or cremation by cleaning their body with a wet towel dusted with talcum powder before dressing him/her in the best attire (usually in brown, black, or white). The red colour is strictly forbidden as it is believed that it may encourage the soul of the departed to return as a harmful spirit.

Our Taoist funeral packages also include embalming to preserve the deceased’s body and professional mortician make-up service to make your loved one look his/her best.

Traditional Taoist funeral wake & procession

For Taoist funerals, an altar will be erected where a photograph of the deceased is placed in front of the casket along with ceremonial items such as:

  • The deceased’s favourite food offerings and
  • Fruit offerings
  • A sacred lamp (symbolizing the light of wisdom)
  • Two tall candles to remain lit up all the time before burial (symbolizing the light of the sun, moon, and both eyes of the human body)
  • Tea, rice, and water in cups (tea symbolizing yin, water symbolizing yang, and the rice symbolizing the union of the yin and the yang)
  • Joss sticks and candles are prepared for family and friends to offer their prayers and respect
  • 5 plates of fruit are also prepared to symbolize the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, surrounding an incense burner. The burning of the incense represents refinement and purification of the soul.

During the funeral day, mourners would wear either sackcloth or white cotton shirts for grieving during the funeral ceremony. The Taoist funeral ceremony starts with chanting of the Taoist scriptures. Once everybody has paid their respects, the coffin will be nailed shut by a family member (usually by the eldest son) with everyone looking away.

During the funeral procession (cortege), the family of the departed follows behind the hearse, followed by the mourners according to their social status. For our Value and VIP Taoist Funeral Packages, we provide a live band to play solemn funeral songs during the funeral procession.

During the burial, the bereaved family and guests must look away as the deceased’s body is lowered into the ground.

Taoist funeral rituals & customs

Despite the differences in funeral traditions and rites, there are a number of commonalities in Taoist funerals:

Summoning of the soul of the departed

This is a procedure where the deceased’s name is called out so they can be resurrected.

Cleansing ritual for the departed

This is an age-old practice for certain dialects/sects where the elder son is required to collect water from the Earth deity, which is the act of letting go of earthly attachments to allow the deceased to start their next incarnation with a clean slate.

Burning of joss paper for the departed

For Taoist funerals, joss paper products in the forms of money, paper house, electronic products, and other necessities for the afterlife are an integral provision for the departed.

Taoist chanting for the departed

During the funeral service, an experienced Taoist priest is engaged to chant and recite scriptures and sutras, asking for repentance of sins for the deceased, brandishing a sword to vanquish evil spirits, breaking a display of 9 tiles in a circle of fire (levels in the underworld) to free the deceased from the underworld. Another Taoist priest will pray on a lotus flower seat, symbolizing the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin.

Post funeral Taoist ritual

As soon as the body is buried, the attire worn by the dead and the funeral attendees are burnt. A feast is held for the mourners with a seat kept empty to welcome the soul of the departed to join in.

The Taoist mourning period continues for the next 49 days with weekly prayers and the heirs of the departed are not allowed to cut their hair during this mourning period.

For the case of cremation, the bones and ashes are kept in a funeral urn, and this urn is usually stored in a columbarium.

At Elite Funeral Services, we have Taoist funeral directors with many years of experience who can guide you step by step on the Taoist funeral planning and proceedings, as well as all the dos and don’ts.

Contact us anytime at +65 8823 7979 (24-hour hotline) so our funeral team can handle everything for you with empathy and professionalism so you and your family can grieve for your loved one with peace of heart during this tough period.

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Popular Question

You can contact our experienced funeral directors at Elite Funeral Services for advice and assistance anytime. Our 24-hour hotline is +65 8823 7979.

Yes. The belief in heaven and hell is very much a part of Taoism. The Taoists believe that there is a heaven for good people (those who lived ethical lives) and a hell for evil people. However, the souls of the "in-betweens" (those who lived lives that were somewhat "gray") just sort of "hover" around Earth waiting for the next opportunity to be reborn. Heaven is where all the good souls go after they have been purified by their many rebirths. They live eternally in joy and bliss. They are surrounded by beautiful, virtuous people who inspire them to continue to become better and better. They are happy and never ill. They are free from desire and sorrow. They are united with the cosmic source of their being. They are at one with the universe.